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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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me with the c.p.a., neil, can you point a number in front of the decimal point? that was then. we've got henry kissinger and his read on this and tonight, he has a fascinating take on where the middle east is. >> . >> this is a fox news alert. hours ago in closed hearings, general david petraeus made some startling statements while testifying to both house and senate intelligence committee. for the breaking news we turn to catherine herridge live on capitol hill. >> well, eric, thank you, general petraeus is someone who is known for his move the media, but today, shunned reporters, apparently taking a loading dock entrance to get in in the capitol center where he briefed two committees, house and senate intelligence committees and done in a closed or classified session behind closed doors and one of the major flash points were the cia talking points a
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congressional source tells fox news the cia talking points had the language changed and drafts including al-qaeda in a later draft extremists, republicans say it was an effort to downplay or minimize the role of al-qaeda in the benghazi attacks, and no one in the u.s. intelligence community could say for sure who is responsible for the change. >> the initial talking points which were put together in an unclassified format at the house of the intelligence committee did initially state that al-qaeda-affiliated groups were involved, however, by the time we understand that went through its editing process after it left langley, that reference was taken out. >> reporter: but democrats say that these changes were not driven by politics, simply made to protect classified information. >> they didn't want to be specific as to the precise group they thought was responsible or groups because there may have been multiple
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groups involved, multiple groups of terrorists or extremists, but it was done to protect classified information and he was very clear this was never done for political purpose, this wasn't manipulated by the white house. >> reporter: the other big development here on capitol hill had to do with the ranking member of the senate judiciary committee, chuck grassley is now asking the justice department as well as the fbi to provide all the names of the individuals who were involved in the investigation into the cia director and also, those who signed off on the court orders that gave investigators access to his e-mail account, eric. >> thank you very much, catherine herridge. representative peter king, member of the house intelligence committee who was in the closed door hearing and questioned david petraeus directly, spoke about what he heard from petraeus. >> i had a very different recollection of what he told us on september 14th. he barely mentioned terrorism at that time. he deemphasized it, he emphasized the video, he emphasized spontaneous
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demonstration and as far as the terrorist questions, he really minimized it totally. and also on the talking points, megan, which came from the cia, the famous talking points that supposedly susan rice relied on, they said talk came from cia, specifically mentioned al-qaeda and that al-qaeda was involved in the attack. and they left the cia, went to a whole process which i believe included the white house, and when the talking points were finalized all the the references to al-qaeda were taken out. >> and a lot to get through. let's start with greg. first of all, and petraeus testified under oath he knew within 24 hours it was al-qaeda or terrorism and this one, the talking points. >> i know, general petraeus is a wrecking crew right now. no one has done this much damage behind closed doors since ron jeremy and the question whether president obama was incompetent or hiding something and now we
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know, he's incompetent on hiding something. and we know that susan rice on talk shows was a big serving of baloney risotto. >> they protected the president by department the justice saying we didn't think it was important enough or a risk. >> they're covering it up because of the fact there was a the election. they didn't want a scandal break and they got a big ole bottle of liquid paper and, malfeasance. >> dana, grassley, what's next, why the names in those hearings. and this will go on for a while. investigations like this take a little bit of time. and clapper, dni and morelle the acting director say we don't know, we don't know. there's a simple way to find out how the talking points got changed. first reported, as i recall, by steven hayes in the weekly
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standard several weeks like four weeks after, when the end of september. and he's the one who say, it hinges on this and went back to the video which i think is confusing, check the e-mail, there are lots of investigations when i worked in the administration and we turned over tons of e-mails, it wasn't because it's a political witch hunt. the congress has a job to do to check how this information happened and the other thing, the question of incompetence, we have, the taxpayers have spent a ton of money to try to get all of this right. none of these people seem like they were talking to one another. and that is a-- that's a problem in terms of good government, that we should fix. >> bob, can i ask you, now we have this, the top dog at the cia who knew it was terrorism 24 hours after it happened, president obama said terrorism, remember? in the debate. i said terrorism in the rose garden 12 hours after it happened. why the back peddling? why saying this-- >> and first thing i'd like to point out.
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somebody should teach the republicans that classified briefings are classified briefings and you shouldn't shoot your mouth out in front of a microphone. >> we showed a democrat. >> and he tried to correct the republican had leaked and frankly against house rules, but they of course-- and also didn't find out anything. >> the truth. >> and finish here for a second. >> no, okay, fine. >> and there are, in all of my years of government i've never seen talking points that have not been through an editing process and change, number one. number two. >> changed wrong? >> no, they go through it, a series of people look at them and they make change in talking points, it happened all the time. but they made them incorrect. >> how do you know they made them incorrect? >> they went from correct to incorrects. >> the timeline, look at the facts and language. >> schiff said the mean was for security reasons and perhaps they had the names of the organization and they didn't want to tip them off they knew who they were. >> oh, come on. >> oh come on. >> after the fact, what difference is that going to make?
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that's not a point of security issue and identifying terrorists and murdered americans. >> and let's assume we're trying to go after that group and they knew we knew who they were. >> bob, what are you talking about, al sharia, is operatinet. >> said who they were in talking points they could have gotten out of benghazi. >> that's a plausible explanation the fact they didn't want to tip the people off. however what they ended up, went too far on the spontaneous mob which helped to push the mob further and give them more of a reason to do things, they made a big mistake, i'm not sure i believe bob, but i believe that's a plausible explanation. >> if you believe that, i mean, if you think they were purposefully misleading al-qaeda through the media, then you have to ask the question. >> sad. >> this is sad. >> does this also work for president obama in the middle of an election and a guy who took off and went to las vegas the next day. >> why wouldn't they thought
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the same when they prevented the underwear bomber preventing to blow up over detroit and he was from from the same area. >> and doesn't make sense. >> sort of analysis, it's not accurate, it's not true, they're trying to cover up. >> how do you know it's not accurate and true. >> we have the information and we know the truth and we have the timeline. >> and you have inside information. >> i do have that, and the information, believe me, more than you have. >> and let's take a few minutes, hold on, let's take a few minutes to examine the two faces of president obama with regard to the acts on americans in benghazi. >> and the president nonchalant, and take a note, this was conducted just hours after they were murdered. >> i was certain and pretty certain there are going to be bumps in the road, because, you know, in a lot of these places, the one organizing
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principal has been! >> bumps in the road, sir? if it were your kids. anyway, now, listen to a very different toned president when a u.s. senator dare question his judgment regarding susan rice. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me, but for them to go after a u.n. ambassador? who had nothing to do with benghazi, and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence she had received and to besmirch her reputation, is outrageous. >> and four dead americans, bumps in the road and question the man and all of a sudden there's some outrage. >> you know, and should be able to speak for herself and the way he came off was kind of a sexist approach to say this that she defend herself and get up in it to defend her. s' overstating an and
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obviously-- >> and why isn't he angry at the people then who gave her the bad information, that she went out? why doesn't he want to find them and say why did you do that? why are they mad at the people in the senate they didn't have anything to do with it and she's a cabinet officer. he elevated that position to cabinet officer. she has an obligation fob held accountable for her actions. >> because they're attacking somebody who they voted for unanimously. >> who cares, circumstances change. >> outrage. >> why isn't he mad at the person who gave her the bad information. >> he probably should be. what is unbelievable. did you tell that the american president is not concerned about four dead americans. >> he called it bumps in the road. and hours after, bumps in the
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road and-- >> and he was unconcerned about. >> four dead americans and bumps in the road. >> and not concerned about the death of four americans, you ought to take that back. >> obama's defensive rights, he mentioned mccain and graham and others, others who want to come after somebody. there's only one other person on that letter, senator eye otta, he want it had make it a war on women in order to do that he had to conveniently ignore that there was a woman on the letter who is actually going after rice. so even after his campaign, he's still campaigning, the fact is we've got to get the facts, or else it's going to be an oliver stone movie where everything is wrong. >> do you think she lied. >> i think she played the company man as a-- >> and garbage in, garbage out. >> and meanwhile the video
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maker rots in jail. >> and we continue to discuss the petraeus hearings and chaos after pot legalization and people are confused. people are getting a little weird. ♪ ain't that america ♪ ♪ ain't that america, home of the free ♪ . [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with a low national plan premium... ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪ ...saving on your medicare prescriptions is easy. ♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go forails.
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♪ 'cause i got friends in low places, where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away ♪ >> welcome back to "the five", we've got more to talk about the other layer of the benghazi story of course, last week general petraeus resigned, exercised bad judgment and an extramarital affair and lots of things coming out including paula broadwell, the biographer and i guess they call her mistress, getting a contract to represent a company probably made from her connections there, which is a problem, this is why this is a story in the first place, eric holder, however, the attorney general has some answering to do because people in congress are not happy they didn't tell them and apparently didn't tell the president about the fbi investigating david petraeus. listen to holder.
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>> we made the determination as we were going through the matter that there was not a threat to the national security. had we made the determination that a threat to national security existed we would of course have made that known to the president and also to the appropriate members on the hill. >> i still don't know if i buy that they didn't tell the president. i don't know, i guess if they didn't tell him, i don't know why. maybe he's not something more to be mad about than being told. >> eric holder and president obama are so close that when obama has a taco holder gets gas. they're together all the time. he knew, they told them. they're best friends, who wouldn't tell you that somebody in your administration is having an affair. >> maybe he was, maybe they're so close that the attorney general wanted to protect the investigation and protect president obama from knowing about it. >> that's what they want you to believe, dana. >> they want you to believe,
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and plausible deniability and holder is going to fall on it kind of like rice, when you're around obama, you take the hit. >> and the suggestion that the president is told about affairs in the government, that would be a long-- >> bob. >> and the other thing, when he said that it was not a threat to national security, i have absolutely no roone to disbelieve that and why in the world. >> i do, i think that they were distracted and you had a general allen sending 30,000 pages back and forth worth of e-mails and there doesn't leave a lot of time left in the day to do your job. >> i don't know how they can make the determination then, only a couple of days ago did the fbi go into broadwell's house to see if there's information. >> she had classified information she should not have had on her computer sending, i don't know where she got it from, it might not have been from anybody at the
5:19 pm
cia, but i think that's a huge problem from the administration standpoint not to recognize that they do, that the american people deserve some answers on this. >> listen, on both of these cases, it seems to me, you're right, if you had a list of everybody who went through the talking points and identify who it was, and change the talking points, that's a legitimate line of question. the other legitimate line of questioning, was there or potential to be national security breach with petraeus. i will say this, the best the republicans can do for classified intelligence and they would have leaked everything they possibly could one comment from petraeus and people say stand down. remember, that's a big deal. and somebody is told to stand down. never mentioned. >> we may have been told about in the closed briefing, the question whether or not the cia was running a safe house out of that area, and holding some libyan prisoners, there has been some question about that. and i'd imagine they asked
5:20 pm
them about it. >> i think that came from the speech a few months ago and i think-- the president obama, we're being told that president obama wasn't informed of this potential security problem. if i'm the president, i care about what my secretary of defense is doing, i care about what my fbi is doing, i care about what my cia is, the group. and care about the state department. and any question anyone at the top level of the bureaus or cabinets, i want to know what's going on. >> kimberly-- bob, do you want to say something about that. kimberly, is there a question why the fbi got involved in the first place in looking into the e-mails in the first place? is that a legal question? >> i think it's a legal question that you can resolve by saying that this is something that involved a criminal act. with the cyber harassment, the threats, over e-mails and that's their purview and get involved and joe kelly in fact, elected, chose, invited
5:21 pm
this information to a fbi agent that she was friends with, jill kelly. and that's how it got started and by the fact that they had an obligation to investigate it and then there's no love lost between the fbi and cia. >> and what the fbi does, that's their investigate to investigate national security issues. >> yes. >> okay. so that was-- i mean, seems to me, logical people to go to. >> i think there are probably going to be more questions about it. judge napolitano raised some of those questions, too. greg, the director of national intelligence, so that was a position that was created during the patriot act and pull everything together so that everybody knew what was going on, but unfortunately maybe we've created more government and more bureaucracy than getting to the real thing, how to protect americans on the front line. >> yeah, it's not the fog of war, it's the fog of bureaucracy. >> it's also the worst bill passed by the united states congress reauthorized 98-0.
5:22 pm
>> and steps with the liberty and-- >> susan rice was unanimously approved and that's okay. >> now who we didn't talk about was hillary clinton, the originally the sender of this. >> is she still in australia? >> i don't know where she is now, but anyway, she's going to testify in mid december, right before christmas. and hyperbole bob. >> and please. this is bob's opinion. when we come back. >> obviously. >> all of this infighting in the republican party a good thing or a bad thing? we'll discuss that ahead. ♪ come on, baby, let's go boot scootin' ♪ ♪ cadillac, blackjack, baby meet me out book, we're gonna boogie ♪ looking back, it's amazing how far i've come.
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♪ ooh, that smell, can't you smell that smell ♪ ♪ ooh, that smell >> washington and colorado
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voted to approve measures to use pot for recreational use. even though you can sell it, banks won't make loan to small businesses to set up shop because it's illegal under federal law for some of these things. greg, what is your opinion on this. >> no wonder dana can't get a mortgage. sorry. i support drug legalization, but i sympathize can with the banks, i've lost a lot of lug wrenches, but my question, where is barney frank, shouldn't he be forcing banks to loan to potheads? isn't that the answer. >> now we get it. >> did he-- a lot of bank loans and didn't he have a garden. >> and those cokeheads on wall street. >> oh, i thought it was a cash business, why do you need a loan anyway. >> because this is setting up the legal selling of shop. you're right though, how would you loan money to something that the fed is going to say
5:28 pm
you can't do it. >> eric? >> because it's still illegal. let's get this straight. a couple of states saying it's not illegal in our state or in our county, within the state, it's still a federal offense to distribute and use, to possess marijuana. there's no bank that's going to give a loan. are he they opening themselves up to so much-- >> there is he' too much liability. >> and barney frank for one, and probably violates four or five different federal laws so they're not going to do it. >> the point is that it's sad because people can benefit from medicinal marijuana-- . couldn't you have staging over at the pot and-- >> and cigarette, i'm completely against drug use and marijuana and all of that. >> that doesn't-- >> i was trying to finish my point which was that people are taking advantage of that, pretending that they have an actual medical need when they don't and there's a complete black market just for the phony i.d.'s so people go in and buy all of these drugs and
5:29 pm
then go back out and sell it or give it it to their friends and it's shameful, i saw it in san francisco, it's a complete joke, those stores and operating, the fend don't care and don't want to get involved with it, the feds. but actually they're the breaking the law and it's not being enforced. and that's political, yeah, i'm telling you. >> but then they don't really have time. right? that's what i don't understand, how do you then deal with like the drug-- supposedly the war on drugs and drug enforcement agency, how are they supposed to operate. >> it's hypocritical. >> pandora's box. >> which is more important, intercepting cocaine and heroin? greg argues for legalization, i'm argued about it because it's a lot stronger dope than i used to smoke. >> see. >> and it's got the potential to go to other people, other drugs. leave it outside, i don't think the feds are going to do anything. would you loan money to as greg pointed out, to a
5:30 pm
pothead. >> 18 states that put it through, and now a push for the feds to go ahead and follow suit. didn't the feds agree through the f.d.a. to the medicinal stuff. >> no, it's still illegal. >> they're ignoring what the states are choosing to do. >> we this discussion, have it would have it, a question, if you legalize marijuana the drug dealers, distributing pot, what do they do? >> that's not my concern. >> they sell something else, heroin and cocaine. >> what happened to the prohibition, and they sold booze. >> that's a false argument. >> explain the false argument. what did they do, i'm asking you a question, when a drug dealer use today making a lot of money and his product is legal now, he can't make a lot of money anymore, he'll look for something else to distribute. >> perhaps might get into a legitimate business. >> and a the lot of these people and these states, ne wa
5:31 pm
they want the money, give me a slice and across party lines schwarzenegger was investigating, a 1.8 billion dollar business. >> i've known a lot of drug dealers in my life, including some of my own, and i never knew anyone who didn't specialize in drugs, buy marijuana, cocaine and heroin. >> and how do you find drug dealers? >> out here in the street. i bet we could walk two blocks. >> i actually don't know, and it's a world i don't understand, but i would imagine because these, which is businesses are doing well in colorado, that's the one i'm familiar with after watching a few things and following it, that they're doing well, and so if you're-- if you lend money and think you can make money, i think they'll probably end up doing it. >> yeah, it's a lag time. >> and just about every fourth parking garage in in city, you can buy crack. >> there's a lag between what the people want and how government reacts. >> don't give out information like that. >> oh. >> what if somebody-- >> and okay. and are we done?
5:32 pm
is this a wrap? and coming up, why did greg gutfeld think this should be the way we choose ours. >> and that's unbelievable. >> and going to say that next. if we want to improve our schools...
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... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment?
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which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. >> i'm chris wallace in washington and the big story here today. former cia director david petraeus answers questions about the libya terror attack. tonight on special report, petraeus now says he knew all along the deadly assaults on the benghazi mission was terrorism. one senior republican maintains petraeus initially
5:37 pm
blamed reaction it an anti-islam video. hamas rockets targeted jerusalem for the first time today along with tel aviv. israel called up 16,000 reservists, moving a step closer to a ground offensive and egypt is warning israel to back off. we'll have a live report from the israel-gaza border. and talks aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff were held between leaders. we'll get reactions from all sides. special report at washington starts at 6 eastern. now, back to new york and "the five." ♪ >> love the doobie brothers. right now, we're seeing republicans argue why they lost the election and over disarray, not me, i never confused debate with
5:38 pm
fractionalism and lock step with unity. the goal is to pick apart the message, but most americans agree with that. and so we live in a country that dislikes leftism, why did we loose, to be cool, and a fear of dorkiness, and i call this dork-aphobia, and every time you use the term, i get a back massage. why he got elected obama is cool and the other guy wasn't. and those who look to politics every four years, and if there were an easier way to elect a candidate. >> oh, my god, oh! ahh! oh! oh, my god!! that was done in canada. so the job was a reverse d
5:39 pm
duopoly. how dorky it is to be a country divided by race and gender, so 2008. the victory laps, a wakeup call for the uncool. it's time for new blood and the message is great, we just need a new messenger, in the meanwhile, the cool kids are behind the steering wheel and sadly we're in the passenger seat and we've got two years to find another driver, ladies and gents, start your engines. >> what does that have to do with the snakes? >> kimberly was complaining about it, but that's her saturday night. >> what's the connection with the snakes. >> i like the video. >> and you put it in there to be gratuitous. >> oh, good word, bob. >> and killer karaoke, hosted by stevo from jackass. >> which is appropriate. >> the goal of the game show is to try to continue singing while they do horrible things to you. i think we even have tape of a man, i think got balloons and running through an area of cactus, do we have that video?
5:40 pm
>> ♪ everything i, oh! ♪ oh, you're everything i need-- ow, ow! (bleep) >> and you are-- oh, so beautiful, oh! ♪ to me can't you see ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, you're everything i hope-- >> and they always have snakes up. >> and eric you said in the green room this should be be the path to citizenship (laughter) >> say you're joking. >> i'm just kidding. and how do you win? >> you win if you continue singing. >> even badly? >> even badly, as long as you don't-- >> is this a joke or people watch that crap. >> it's on true tv.
5:41 pm
>> no, used to be on court tv, watch it. they changed the name to true tv and can you imagine if, if some of our competitors around the world like the chinese are watching this, thinking america is surely in decline? >> no, no, no. >> what we make people do. >> they thought that. >> the japanese, if you've ever seen a japanese game show, that's insane, makes this look like "to tell the truth", our producer went through one of these things, electrical fires and climbed up mud walls. >> mudder. >> and went through fire and no wonder he's lost his mind from oklahoma. >> this is a modern version of one of my favorite shows of my kid, "the gong show." >> that was great. >> and this is a modern version of that. but "the gong show," it wasn't like this. >> no, but the gong show-- >> it was nice and fun. >> but the point was-- >> if you were really bad, then you got gonged and you were off. >> we need a gong here. (laughter) >> and that's kimberly.
5:42 pm
>> and people like to watch people humiliated and there are people willing to be humiliated to be on tv. >> to be on tv. >> and bob. down anything about that? >> and this is the equivalent of the snake pit. >> we don't make you sing. >> and surround me with snakes. >> and i have three works. >> dork-aphobia, dork-aphobia, can we get the massage? >> now? >> eric, please. >> if i said dork-aphobia you had to give him a massage. >> and coming up some awful news, makers of twinkies is going out of business and creating a terrible problem for bob, will he stand with his union brothers or sisters or his fellow twinkie lovers? ♪ you're still on my lonely mind ♪ ♪ i think about you baby, and i dream about you all the time ♪ ♪ i'm here without you baby,
5:43 pm
have you with me in my dreams ♪ ♪ and tonight, it's only you and me ♪
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>> fresh snack cake with the snack in the middle. >> the end of an era. and wonder booingers. >> wonder-- >> we've lost this segment. we have lost it. (laughter) >> and wait a minute. for the company to make it-- (laughter) >> all right. look. and once in a while, i've been a union man all my life and once in a while you break with your brethren over some things. the fact that this strike caused the end of twinkies, few things that feels better than eating a twinkie. >> this is my--
5:48 pm
>> and the-- (laughter) >> you've got it all over your mouth. >> they're yelling in my ear. >> what do you want to say to me? say it! about the twinkie. >> this is an important moment because bob is making an important point here, he's a pro union guy and now saying you're going to leave the union because they got rid of something you liked. >> that's right, i also want to make an announcement. to all of our fans out here who like twinkies, i'm starting a march on hostess headquarters. >> it's the union, not twinkie, not hostess. >> i'm going to wipe my mouth. >> anyone want to join me and also tonight i'm doing a vigil at my apartment with candles, foreign twinkies and i am pea going to buy a storage place and put a thousand crates of them in there. can i just make a point that your-- you alluded to, the unions are what brought hostess down. >> 60,000 employees--
5:49 pm
>> 18,500. >> cost 450 million bucks a year to put them on benefits, but the points is, they voted 92% to strike down the deal, hostess said if you strike it down, we're going out of business. good job, union, good job. >> and i think a pox on both their house. >> and i think that it's incredible that they could not come to this agreement over, we did a story about this about eight months ago when they were first having problems, they could not come to an agreement. it's the week before thanksgiving and now nearly 20,000 people found out they're going to lose their jobs because they couldn't come to an agreement. >> the keebler elves are they going to strike, and fire bomb their trees. >> and you know what else is going to be lost, cupcakes. >> the donuts. >> i love those. >> and the producer don't want us to eat all the twinkies because there's an urban
5:50 pm
legend that these are selling for $8,000 apiece and i'm going to say. >> come on. and talk about calling-- there's no way. >> stop it. >> the article is written, and gupta wrote a story that said they have a hostess twinkie cake costume, $46 and bob, you might want that. >> i didn't realize they made the fruit cakes or fruit pies. >> this is a serious thing, for those of us who grew up on twinkies, first of all, when i was eating a twinkie and you grab one. >> i ate it, if we could only open one pack, you would eat it and-- >> you're so mean. >> are you crying now. >> because it was so funny. >> i'm sorry about opening that, but i couldn't get through it. something hit me. >> you know, obama should step in and make twinkies free. >> that's a good idea. >> and to be paid by our
5:51 pm
insurance. >> and-- or, or, a twinkie bailout. >> bail them out, why not. >> this is very popular, don't you think that somebody is going to pick up the business and take off with it. >> eric boling might. >> do you think it could be a profitable business and somebody will buy it. >> if you sell this one, and bob and i shared and ate together. >> here is what they could have done, gone through a structured bankruptcy, broke the union deals and come back nonunion. >> that's what romney could do that. romney turned around staples, he could be your savior, romney could come and turn around the business. >> he needs a job now, maybe he could. >> ooh. >> the fact is that there are two sides-- with the unions on this, i think they should have reached an agreement, but that means that management needs to reach an agreement, too, and they didn't. >> the teamsters are blaming the other unions. >> they're blaming the other unions and i blame them and the management. >> how many calories--
5:52 pm
>> and there's 35 grams of sugar. where are the calories. >> listen, eric knows one thing, you can buy these with food stamps. >> 290 calories, that's not so bad. and 49 grams of carbs. is that a lot, greg? >> and greg, is this healthy? you're a men's health magazine guy. >> it's not healthy, but it's wonderful. >> it is wonderful. >> and doesn't matter. >> and all i can say a pox on all of your houses. >> that's $8,000. >> and you can afford it, okay. >> i'll see you, one more thing is next. >> and i'm not the last-- ♪ ♪
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
>> okay. time for one more thing. dana first. >> i realized i didn't have a one more thing and how could i top the last segment. i thought of something, i want to wish happy birthday to my friend and my dennis dr. tim chase, nyc going to birthday party. >> and first to wish a dentist--
5:57 pm
>>'s a great dentist and nice and they have three children. >> and your friend, too. >> yes, started as my friend before it was my dentist. >> this is great. >> (laughter) should we talk about-- and a hug. >> we didn't talk about-- >> i have an important fox news alert involving kim kardashian. what? >> quickly, i want to get out of here. >> oh, please, and marine corps ball in north carolina, she went and to support the military and she attended the hq battery 10th marine birthday ball with sergeant martin gardner on the events planning commission and we get those requests, i have as well. >> and she stands like that because her back is bad. >> i can't travel outside. >> and there's a even event. >> and go, a lot of people are asking about the house, that
5:58 pm
was subjected to sandy, take a look at that picture, a couple of friends, and took a picture of the house, see that dune right there, that dune used to be 18 feet. 16 or 17 feet high and it's now about seven feet high and i used to hate it, but the grass, girl scouts planted that grass and dune saved the house, girl scouts of america, saved that, thank you. >> eric will buy all of your cookies. >> and american corps of engineers put the dunes in there. >> when they planted the grass, it grew and filled in the dune. >> and obama going to tell the girl scouts, you didn't build that. >> tell the girl scouts they didn't build that. >> they put the grass on something that obama built. >> that obama built? >> oh i forgot this is-- >> okay. there's legislation now before congress to do away with something in the most insidious attack of politics that i've seen in my 33 years
5:59 pm
of politics and that's superpacs, these people are unregulated and names out. in many cases right wingers and hundreds of millions on these things and left wingers do the same thing. >> a pox on both of them. i think we do away from them and do away with that whole supreme court, that would be a great start. get rid of the supreme court and approve that ridiculous law, i mean-- >> okay, and get this, if you're on the east coast from 11 you get the reruns and if you're on the east coast, it's 2 a.m. you'll have three hours of me, five, and then o'reilly, five, red eye and o'reilly and three hours, it's a total eclipse. >> greg, put your book up, we haven't promoted it enough "the joy of hate." . >> number eight on amazon. >> made you the
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